I really enjoy helping to improve horse rider partnerships, building confidence, and seeing progression over time as well as making lessons fun for both for children and adults.
I am keen to understand your goals & priorities and what you would like to improve as well as to make lessons enjoyable.
I have a particular interest in improving rider position. Good balance and security in the saddle is important both for your confidence and safety and your horses well being as this enables you to communicate more sympathetically with your horse.
I am also able to help with giving you the tools to progress your horses schooling and to improve your partnership with your horse. I can help with preparation for dressage competitions & help you with your jumping position, confidence & improving your riding between fences if you or your horse are novices.


Do you need help with preparing for a show or would you like your horse plaited and trimmed and for a special occasion. I am experienced with lots of different breeds & types of horses.


I have lots of experience with breeding & raising young stock, having bred a handful of youngsters over quite a period of time which has given me the chance to learn and make changes and improvements as I have gone along.  If you need any help or support with handling or raising young stock I am more than happy to help with this. I could also help with preparations for presenting at the futurities or mare grading.


Are you looking for help with your horses fitness or training or for someone to be on the ground when you are starting your youngster or for your first few rides? I am available to hack out or school well behaved horses or ponies as well as long reining and lungeing both youngsters and adult horses and ponies. I can also help you to become confident and proficient with lungeing or long reining your horse yourself if this is something you would like to be able to do. Lunging and long reining is something I do a lot with my own horses as I have found It can be very beneficial for improving their fitness and schooling.


I really enjoy clipping & take pride in a smart finish and tidy lines as well as being patient with nervous horses. I have a modern battery powered set of clippers which are very quiet and perfect for a first clip or nervous horses as they enable you to be more mobile without the hinderance of a power cable.


I can offer a service to provide daily checks and care for horses which are fairly local to me whilst you are away on holiday, so please get in touch to check availability if this is something you are interested in.